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Tiny House Owner and Lover

I'm here to tell my story. I changed - you can too!

My Courses and Communities

The Internalists' Way

Harness your inner guidance and learn how to become the navigational lead with the ability to switch lanes from where you are to where you want to be with ease.

The Courage to Start

Learn how to kick-start your passionate project, turn off your worries and fears to finally embrace your passion with excitement and joy.

One Minute Goals

Discover the missing formula which enables you to achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.  Become accountable, take action and learn how to select and work with your super hero Goal Partner.  Move forwards fast.

I'll Be Happy When...

I'll be happy when - I have the right job, I meet the man of my dreams, I have money, I lose weight, I get that promotion, when I leave my relationship...

If this sounds familiar, then this course is for you.  Learn how to finally banish I'll Be Happy When forever.

Join one of Fiona's Communities

The Christie Channel opens up a lively look at courageous women from all over the world.  Watch as Fiona interviews women from all walks of life - be inspired by their  courage to change.

Fiona's Facebook community is a great place to hang out with other women who are building courage, swapping stories, inspiring each other and building lives with passion and purpose.  The Facebook community is a structured space where you'll find lots of inspiration from Fiona's live chats.  Each day has it's own flavour, come on in and join the movement today. 

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