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Decisions made easy

Decisions don’t have to be hard! Yes, you did read that correctly, making decisions can become an easy process, there are a few ‘rules’ or ‘tricks’ to becoming a quick decision maker and moving on to the next thing in your life.  More to come on this post shortly… Decisions come easy when you believe […]

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Finding Yourself

Do You Want Your Life to Flow With Ease? Once you allow yourself quality stillness, your life with flow with ease.  Time for meditation, connecting with the God/presence/spirit within you. When you are able to do that on a regular basis, you will find a freedom that many dream of and few reach. If you’re […]

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Professional Supervision – how is it working for you?

What If Your Professional Development Results Spoke for Themselves? What difference would it make to: your organization your job satistaction your team yourself your commitment your self-belief your motivation levels if the result of your Professional Supervision ‘spoke for themselves’?  If you were immediately able to see a measurable difference to an issue you may […]

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Overcoming Procrastination Achievement and Goal Setting

One of the most critical factors to attaining the life of your dreams is in the Art of Noticing. You see it is the art of noticing that will lead you to clarity. The art of noticing is really invaluable in three ways: To guide you in your decision-making To highlight the valuable lessons that […]

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Budgeting Help

Budget Advice I’m fortunate enough to be delivering workshops and seminars for the one of our local Budget Advisory Services.  I love this work, it’s an opportunity for me to teach people about budgeting, compounding interest and how to have more money in general.  But on top of that I get to indulge in one […]

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