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Budgeting Help

Budget Advice I’m fortunate enough to be delivering workshops and seminars for the one of our local Budget Advisory Services.  I love this work, it’s an opportunity for me to teach people about budgeting, compounding interest and how to have more money in general.  But on top of that I get to indulge in one […]

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Fiona Christie Blog

Welcome to my blog.  Here you’ll find useful tips, information, insights and my ramblings to help you in your quest development. I’ve created seven categories that form the basis of my coaching, I’ll also be adding ‘tags’ so you can search for specific topics. Here’s a metaphor to explain categories and tags using the grocery […]

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Your Money Personality

We give our money it’s own personality, yes, you read that correctly.  Our money has a personality, just like you and I do. We inadvertently give money a life of its own. Most people mistakenly think money is bad.  Remember the saying many of us heard growing up ‘money is the root of all evil’ […]

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Money Issues in Relationships

Money is a major cause of stress in relationships Money makes the world go around Money burns a hole in your pocket Money doesn’t grow on trees You’re useless with money Do these statements sound familiar?  Unfortunately many of us heard these phrases and a whole lot more bandied around as we were growing up.  […]

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