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Overcoming Procrastination Achievement and Goal Setting

One of the most critical factors to attaining the life of your dreams is in the Art of Noticing. You see it is the art of noticing that will lead you to clarity. The art of noticing is really invaluable in three ways: To guide you in your decision-making To highlight the valuable lessons that […]

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Fiona Christie Blog

Welcome to my blog.  Here you’ll find useful tips, information, insights and my ramblings to help you in your quest development. I’ve created seven categories that form the basis of my coaching, I’ll also be adding ‘tags’ so you can search for specific topics. Here’s a metaphor to explain categories and tags using the grocery […]

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Performance Management

Building successful performance within the workplace begins with your ability to relate with an unconditional attachment to the outcome. This then leaves you with the ability to fully focus on the needs of the recipient, rather than your own. Whenever I am called upon to facilitate because of communication breakdown, or a performance management issue […]

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I’ll Worry About That Later

Be Careful what you say… ‘I’ll Worry About That Later’, is that a phrase that enters your vocabulary?  It’s time to change… Given whatever we focus our attention on, we attract more of, the statement ‘I’ll Worry About That Later’, is not something I’d want to be focusing any of my attention on. Generally, people […]

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