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Professional Supervision – how is it working for you?

What If Your Professional Development Results Spoke for Themselves? What difference would it make to: your organization your job satistaction your team yourself your commitment your self-belief your motivation levels if the result of your Professional Supervision ‘spoke for themselves’?  If you were immediately able to see a measurable difference to an issue you may […]

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Fiona Christie Blog

Welcome to my blog.  Here you’ll find useful tips, information, insights and my ramblings to help you in your quest development. I’ve created seven categories that form the basis of my coaching, I’ll also be adding ‘tags’ so you can search for specific topics. Here’s a metaphor to explain categories and tags using the grocery […]

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I’ll Worry About That Later

Be Careful what you say… ‘I’ll Worry About That Later’, is that a phrase that enters your vocabulary?  It’s time to change… Given whatever we focus our attention on, we attract more of, the statement ‘I’ll Worry About That Later’, is not something I’d want to be focusing any of my attention on. Generally, people […]

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