Spending Your Life With Someone

How do you ensure you get it right?

The journey is about evolving, you have to be 100% sure of, and know yourself in order to operate on the same vibrational frequency as the man or woman who will ultimately feed your soul.

If you don’t believe in yourself, beyond all doubt, then you’ll end up attracting someone on that vibrational plane.

Things I’ve learned about love, myself and my soul:

  • I used to be ‘needy’ – I needed a relationship
  • I felt ‘stiffled’ for a long time as if I had someone else putting the brakes on, limiting my choices, but now I understand that I’m the one who limits my own choices, I limit them because I stay in a relationship that doesn’t serve me – that doesn’t mean to say I have to leave it – it means I either work to get it right and if that’s not possible, then I leave it.

I want to sing and dance and meditate and pray and laugh, and go on retreats and not work if that’s what fuels me.

To have no time limits.

Like today, there was no boundary, I was driving from Christchurch to Nelson and I could have stopped the night somewhere – or not.

I didn’t, I chose to drive right through.  Six months ago I would have seen that as ‘me being scared’ and I would have turned the whole scenario over in my head for days saying ‘I wish I’d taken the time when I had it and stopped and allowed myself to stay on my own’.

But I let it go, and I’m happy.  I made the right choice, I’m in a comfy bed, I’m warm and safe and with people who love me.

I have time to write, to read, to meditate.  I’m in a house and a city I love – Nelson.

Today has been the best day of my life so far.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow being the best again.  Some of the things I love about me:

  • I’m wise
  • I’m open to learning
  • I see things as they are
  • I question

Till  next time – more of my musings.