Meet Fiona

Fiona Christie

Courage CoacH

Fiona is the Author of several books, courses, strategies and workshops all with one aim - to enrich the lives of women just like her who have struggled to overcome challenges in their lives.

Fiona was a remedial reader and had trouble learning in her younger years, she discovered how to tap into magnetic energy using coaching at it's core and her life has kept growing ever since.

Fiona's life's twists and turns has meant she has seen first hand how developing courage and taking action has positively altered the course of her life for good.

For over 25 years Fiona has been developing and refining systems and structures that work to help women live with purpose, passion and ease.

She really enjoys working with mature women who are ready to embrace positive change to move forward with ease for good.

Fiona lives in a rural setting with her life Partner David and dog Orca, living her dream life owning a tiny house on wheels, living an organic plant based lifestyle, working with her passion, helping other women live theirs.