What if affirmations were the key...

I love this video.  It’s called Jessica’s Daily Affirmations. Imagine adults with that sort of self-belief. If you're someone who is looking to build courage into your life, even in a small way - one thing you can do is to think of all the courageous moments you have had in your life, write them down, then create a list of affirmations from them.

Affirmations are positive phrases/sentences that you repeat to yourself about things you want to have happen in your life.  For example 'I am a confidence person', 'I love myself exactly as I am', 'I find it easy to talk to you people', 'I work with supportive, happy people'.   

Courage Nuggets

Feeling bad about ourselves is a learned behaviour and we can unlearn it.  Choose to unlearn your negative self-feelings today and choose instead to look at all the wonderful traits you have

Use your phone recorder, record three positive affirmations today and go for a walk and listen to them.  Be sure to leave a gap at the end of each phrase so you can repeat them back to yourself

Most children are curious, they don't believe they can't, it's only adults who instill that belief.  Now, as an adult, you have a choice to ditch some of those old, outdated affirmations and replace them.

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