The Power of Intention

Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

What if you could use your thoughts to create whatever you wanted in your life?  I was reminded about this powerful personal development wonder the other day.  Whenever you focus your attention or ‘intention’, fully and completely on whatever it is you want to manifest in your life, you will begin to see examples of the subject you have chosen to focus on everywhere.

I was facilitating a budget program yesterday and gave the participants the example of my bright yellow car.

Some years ago I was in the market to replace my car, so I went looking in the car yards with my friend’s husband who is a mechanic by trade.  We saw a bright yellow Honda Logo.  I wasn’t that fussed on the car at first, but once I sat in it, and realized I could raise the seat up I was sold (you can probably guess by now that I’m fairly short).

Anyway, I hadn’t heard of Honda Logo’s before I purchased the car, let alone seen a yellow one.  Once I drove out of the car yard, I began to see Honda Logo’s everywhere.  Not only that, but I saw yellow ones everywhere.  Those cars were there before, but I hadn’t seen them.  Why?  I’ll explain more.

Also, my friends began to see them everywhere as well.  They would often say to me – “I saw you driving your car the other day, waved out, and you didn’t wave back”.  When I questioned where they had seen me, I informed them it actually wasn’t me, but another yellow Honda Logo”.

Reticular Activating System

The reason we began seeing them everywhere is due to the Reticular Activating System, or RAS for short.  It’s the part of the brain that acts like a filter.  It filters out information for us.

It is said human beings have roughly 60,000 thoughts every day.  Now we can’t possible give those 60,000 thoughts our full attention, so we filter out what’s most important to us.

Science now confirms that our thoughts are magnetic in nature, so whatever we focus on, we will get more of.  That’s why it’s no mistake or coincidence when you are thinking about an old friend who you haven’t seen for a couple of years, suddenly the phone rings and it’s them.

Whenever I’m having a bad day, I remind myself to re-focus my intention and attention on what I want to create, rather than on what I don’t want, and my day instantly improves.

Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised.