Your Choice to Change

What if change was always a choice...

Change that we are comfortable with only happens when we consciously 'choose' to make change.

Many a person has said 'but that wasn't my 'choice'.  I beg to differ... we have the opportunity to 'choose' how we act or react in any given situation.  And whilst some 'change' is made for us (for example a restructure at work, followed by redundancy), we have a choice as to how we view it and what actions we take as a result of that decision.

Isn't it better to put yourself in the driver's seat and choose your change?  A really great question to ask if you're feeling uncomfortable about a change or you suddenly realize you haven't made a choice and you've just be going along for the ride in the passenger seat, letting someone else make decisions for you - a good question to ask could be 'how is this working for me and what am I feeling about it?' 

If you're feeling anxious, sad, angry or any of the emotions on that scaled, it may be that the choice you're making isn't the right one for you. 

If you feel as if you don't have a choice - start using the 'what exactly' technique.  What EXACTLY could I do right now to shift my mood.  Who EXACTLY could I talk to who might be able to give me some good advice.

My aim with these blog posts is to share some personal development strategies that I have found work in my own life and for my clients, I trust you find them useful in yours.

Courage Nuggets

Comfortable Change is a Counscious Choice, if you're feeling un-comfortable, your intuition is calling, go back to the drawing board and check if there's another choice

Other people's decisions are theirs to choose.  Your reaction to those decisions is yours to own.

Your thoughts and feelings are your navigation guide, be prepared to stay with them  - get curious

The 'Exactly' model helps shift your resistance to change back onto a positive path - it will help you move from frozen to action:

What exactly can I do

Who exactly can I ask

Where exactly can I find out more

When exactly will I ... 

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